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Jan 16, 2018

Welcome to Episode Two of The Purple Patch PodcastPerformance in a Time-Starved Life.

In this episode, Matt issues the challenge to shift our lens of training success away from simply “punching the clock” or achieving a certain number of training hours per week.

By using a real-life case study from a Purple Patch athlete, Matt illustrates the corrosive effects of trying to do too much without the proper training focus and balance. It's a story that may sound all too familiar.

There is no magic pill for success. You still need to train and your journey still requires massive commitments, but the lessons of this case study and the changes this athlete made will help you repave your path to your own brand of excellence.

Throughout the episode, Matt weaves in his own unique takeaways, including the four magic words the comprise a successful training recipe. 

Finally, he takes a closer look at one vital element of training in his weekly "Dixon-ary Word of the Week" Segment. This week, that word is: Fueling.

Enjoy this foundational episode. We think it's one you come back to a lot during your performance journey.

Quick Episode Summary:

  • 0:00-0:20 Show Intro
  • 0:20-1:12 Matt's Welcome
  • 1:12-5:35 Word of the Week
  • 5:35-46:05 The Four Magic Words and A Real-Life Case Study

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