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Feb 6, 2018

This week, we are offering you a special edition of two episodes in which Purple Patch pros join Matt for roundtable discussions with professional Ironman triathletes like you've never heard before!

In Part 1, Coach Matt moderates this honest discussion with three of his elite pros, Kevin Collington, Laura Siddall, and Sarah Piampiano, about goal-setting, managing fears, training management, race day mindset, definitions of success, and so much more. All three are IRONMAN champions and, yet, they still freely admit that there's so much more to learn. 


If you think the life of a professional triathlete is easy or enviable, think again. They work hard - NONSTOP. When the physical training stops, the mental training begins. 

Even Matt learned a thing or two about his athletes during this deep dive that touched on several topics:

  • What did their path to world-class performance look like?
  • What components do they possess that have shaped their success?
  • What is their definition of success?
  • Do professional athletes still get pre-race anxiety?
  • If so, how do they calm the nerves?
  • What do they think about during the race?
  • How do they approach pain and suffering? 
  • How do they prepare for a long week of training?
  • What is their proudest moment so far and what obstacles have they had to overcome to stand on top of the Ironman podium?


Enjoy this epic episode with Ironman Champions and Purple Patch Professionals!


:00-:20  Recorded Intro

:20-2:30 Matt's Welcome and February 8th Webinar Invitation
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2:30-5:45 Word of the Week: Basics

5:45 - 1:01 Matt's Roundtable with Sarah Piampiano, Kevin Collington, and Laura Siddall

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