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Mar 20, 2018

What happens when two of endurance sports greatest thinkers go toe to toe on all aspects of performance? You get an educating and insightful “Inside the Coaches Studio“ episode from Matt Dixon along with author and coach, Steve Magness, co-author of the book, Peak Performance.

This conversation definitely raises the collective process of coaching and you’ll hear their thoughts and opinions on many topics like the:

  • Role of a Coach
  • Necessary Components Successful Athletes Possess
  • Habits and Traits of Great Performers
  • Tips on Achieving Peak Performance Across Many Disciplines
  • Lessons and Takeaways for Coaches
  • Art of Managing Pain
  • Role of Metrics and Measurement for Coaches and Athletes
  • Athlete Development Skills
  • …and even a discussion on the taboo subject of doping

Both agree whole-heartedly that a collaborative coaching mindset and the sharing of ideas “raises the ships on all rising tides.” If we don’t share, they agree, “Then, we’re not going to learn or grow as a profession.” Plus, collaboration across all sports in the pursuit of global performance gains is inspiring and motivating. 

Contest Alert: This week, we’re giving away a copy of Peak Performance, written by Steve Magness and Brad Stulberg! Simply email us your single most important habit that helps improve your own performance to We'll pick a winner in the next week and notify you via email.


Steve Magness is a runner, coach, exercise physiologist, and a writer. He holds a M.S. from George Mason University in Exercise Science. Magness is the current cross country coach at the University of Houston and coaches professional runners, including 5 runners who have been top 15 at the World Championships or Olympic games. In addition, he has worked for Nike, and served as a consultant to numerous Olympic runners and triathletes. He recently published the popular book, Peak Performance, with co-Author, Brad Stulberg.

:00 -:20 Recorded Welcome

:21-1:30 Introduction to Episode 13

1:30-4:55 Word of the Week - Action

5:05 Interview with Steve Magness


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