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Jun 12, 2018

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Matt Dixon is back with another moving and inspiring feature with a Purple Patch athlete.

In 2015, Chris Mosier became the first openly transgender man to make the Men’s US National Team and, in 2016, he became the first trans athlete to compete in a World Championship.

He is a 5-Time Member of Team USA, representing the United States in Sprint Triathlon, as well as both Short Course and Long Course Duathlon.

He is, as the BBC said, “The Man Who Changed the Olympics” as he was instrumental in getting the International Olympic Committee (IOC) policy on transgender athletes changed.

Today, Matt Dixon shares Chris’s journey from childhood athlete to successful athlete, advocate, and member of Team USA.

  • What was it like growing up playing female sports even though he didn’t identify with his gender?
  • How did he navigate sports in school and throughout college?
  • When and why did he decide to transition?
  • What is it like competing as a man today?
  • What have his struggles and journey taught him about training?
  • Does he embrace his work as an advocate?
  • What does a typical training and testosterone protocol look like for him?
  • What does the future hold for transgender athletes?
  • What is his outlook on the future of sport? 

Let there be no doubt that Chris is a trailblazer and groundbreaking transgender athlete. He is a beacon, an inspiration, and a resource for others.


In fact, go to to receive more resources and information on Chris Mosier.

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