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Jun 26, 2018

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On April 16th, 2018, Des Linden became the first United States female to win the famed Boston Marathon in 33 years. While she admits that she often plays the role of “underdog,” this year was different. She went from “underdog” to champion in a race that brought with it epic wind, rain, and freezing temperatures. When others faded, she chiseled away and rose to the top, earning the dream victory of a professional running career that started at the Boston Marathon back in 2006.

What goes into a victory like the Boston Marathon?

It certainly wasn’t an easy victory. In fact, much has been reported about the fact that Des almost quit the race because she felt that it wasn't her day. But, she rode the wave and came out on top. What a lesson in life and performance!

Today, she and her husband, elite Purple Patch triathlete, Ryan Linden, explore performance and relationships in this intimate conversation with Matt Dixon. This isn’t a Boston Marathon recap, but a glimpse behind the curtain of two elite athletes and how they manage their training, racing, recovery, and day-to-day responsibilities as partners in each other's success.

What are the components of their successful relationship and what can others learn from their journey?  How do they overcome their own pain, adversity, and fear? 

Both Ryan and Des have evolved and changed throughout their careers and they graciously open up about their personal evolutions and explore how their thoughts around coaching, collaboration, and training have matured through the years. The lessons they've learned are lessons for anyone seeking peak performance. 

This is a personal conversation that feels like you're sitting with them having a cup of tea or coffee. 

Speaking of coffee - Des and Ryan even talk about another passion of theirs: the debut of Linden & True Coffee earlier this year in conjunction with another pair of elite athletes, Sarah and Ben True.

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