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Jan 8, 2019

Welcome Back to Season 2 and our first Purple Patch Podcast of 2019!

This is the time where people are choosing to be coached for the first time, transitioning to a different coach, or even refreshing their relationship with their current coach.

There is a real role for coaches to play in framing the art of coaching and creating a culture of success. On the flip side, the athlete has a real responsibility as well. How can you be coached best?

This episode is not just for coaches, but also athletes and fitness enthusiasts who are in a coaching relationship or in charge of their own performance journey.

In "The Art of Being Coached," Matt dives deep on:

  1. The Roles of a Coach
  2. Setting up a Culture of Success From Both Coach and Athlete Perspective
  3. Additional Tips on How Should You Be Coached and How Should You Coach? 

He also gives listeners a peek into the Purple Patch coaching window with a real-life case study.

The quest and hope for this episode is that you see the performance journey as a whole and have the tools to enter into an empowering and trusting partnership that breeds confidence, education, communication, and ultimately, success. 


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