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Jan 15, 2019

The backbone of the Purple Patch Podcast is education around performance in both sport and life, and Matt hits it head-on this week in this conversation with Andy Blow, former professional triathlete and Founder of Precision Hydration

The topic? Hydration in sport, work, and life. If you're a pro athlete, an amateur athlete, a fitness enthusiast, an executive or a busy professional looking for better energy management in life, you'll love this coaches conversation on the impact that hydration (or lack thereof) can have on our daily performance.

Not only do they discuss hydration strategies for early morning and late afternoon training, but they also discuss the implications of:

  • Walking through life in a dehydrated state
  • Caffeinated beverages on performance
  • Extended Travel
  • Excessive Alcohol Consumption

Dehydration is, simply put, a performance limiter and both Andy and Matt provide practical advice and guidance on proper hydration in both training and daily life to help you reach your athletic and human potential.

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There, you can also receive their FREE Hydration Plan. 

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