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Apr 9, 2019

It’s no secret that our muscular-skeletal health - our FRAME - takes a pounding in endurance training. In fact, there are whole companies and industries built on muscle health - bodywork, compression, foam rolling, cryotherapy, etc. 

Athletes and practitioners take a lot of action in this area to promote adaptations and avoid injury, and yet, we still mess it up.

How is it possible that so many well-meaning and highly motivated endurance athletes end up hurting themselves in the pursuit of rehab and performance?

Just like our training indicates, sometimes we try too hard.

Today, Matt dives into the murky and confusing world of muscle and tissue health.

He explores key habits and objectives that promote muscle tissue health and, through another Purple Patch case study, provides a coach’s lens on things to do and even what NOT to do when you feel those niggles start to occur.



Matt also teases our upcoming program called the Purple Patch Squad. To learn more or hop on the list to be the first to receive details, email us at




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