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Sep 25, 2019

"The barometer of a time-starved athlete's success should be anchored around nailing an appropriate postseason over chasing weekly hours in the heart of race season. What you do well now is the thing that will determine your opportunity to evolve, break out, and excel in the year ahead." 

The meat and potatoes of this episode of real-life postseason case studies will educate, provide perspective, and provide the “why” behind the framework of setting this up in different scenarios.

Matt walks through the framework of setting up a successful postseason with three real athlete case studies:

  • The Athlete with a Winter Marathon on the Horizon
  • The Postseason Sloth who Turns Their Back on the Sport
  • The Athlete Still Training for a Late-Season Ironman

Can you still set up a successful postseason while charging forward? Indeed, you can. 


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